Dec 012010

Finally Microsoft officially released offline installer for Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools.


Since it does not include October update, you have to download it separately.

January 2011 Update is already released.


Sep 172010

It’s been a while since initial release of Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools and finally developers rejoiced.. Final Developer Tools is here for public consumption.

There will be many other blogs that will post about this final release. I will be brief and list some useful references.

Jul 132010

Microsoft’s Windows Phone team finally released a beta version of its popular developer tools. You can grab the latest installer from Microsoft Download.

There are lot of major changes to framework, library, control templates, etc. The coolest addition is the inclusion of Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone Beta.

Make sure you read What’s New in Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta after or before downloading the Beta, as your current CTP project might break. There are short tips for migrating current CTP project to Beta.

The following guidance applies only to applications created using Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh (April 2010). If you created your application using the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP (March 2010), do not use your previous project; instead, create a new one.

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Copy your own code from app.xaml, but leave out any template code.
  3. Do this for each page.
  4. Bring in libraries as-is.
  5. Fix build breaks.

For more details and thorough guide, read Jaime Rodriguez’s blog post on migration.


May 032010

I decided to make an installation ISO as this definitely could help for repairing corrupted installation, sharing with friends, or installation in office/college (screw firewall, proxy, etc). I believe Microsoft will only release Offline Installation for Windows Phone Developer Tools only for Final Release.

I do not have chance to do test installation in many system – slow installation, bla bla bla. It doesn’t allow me to install in Windows Vista without SP1 installed and I have no access to any 64-bit system. Hence I only tested on the following box:

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Platform: x86
  • No prior installation of: Visual Studio 2010 RTM; Visual Studio 2010 Express; Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP March; ( I installed Visual Studio 2010 RTM after installing this, and both works fine )

Web installer can be downloaded from Microsoft Download – Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP (April Refresh). Scroll down for offline installation ISO image.
Few details that we already know. It’s an April Refresh release – which fixes compatibility issue with Visual Studio 2010 RTM.

Visual Studio 2010 - New Project Dialog for Windows Phone

Visual Studio 2010 - New Project Dialog for Windows Phone

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